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Master Plan

From 2009-2011, Pittsfield Township undertook an in-depth planning process that outlined, for the first time, a narrative vision for our community. This vision, again for the first time, articulated priorities from arts, culture and historic preservation and promoting local agriculture to infill development and non-motorized connectivity. This process culminated in the adoption of the current [Pittsfield Township Master Plan] that is committed to creating a coherent and comprehensive development and preservation patterns that provides for practical, productive and sustainable growth and preservation in Pittsfield Charter Township.

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In 2015, as an update to the Parks & Recreation master plan came due, Pittsfield Township undertook another innovative planning process that envisioned synchronizing our two major planning documents - Township Master Plan and Parks & Recreation Plan - to outline one cohesive vision for our community. This is particularly relevant because Pittsfield Township residents consistently prioritize parks, recreation and open space preservation at the top. As such, developing a narrative vision that provides for planning our community within the context of non-motorized connectivity, recreation and preservation will serve to define a Premier Pittsfield.

The 2020 Vision planning process, conducted October-December 2015, provided for robust public engagement and generated 750 survey responses. Preliminary analysis of this public input directs us to work within a sustainable framework to: (a) expand amenities and accessibility to park spaces, especially in deficient areas such as the northwest and northeast; (b) expand green and preserved spaces, including providing for small, organic farming; (c) implementing traffic congestion solutions that promote multi-modality and reduction in emissions; and (d) continued expansion of the non-motorized network we began establishing in 2009 such that it provides for seamless accessibility to our park and green spaces.

We are currently in the process of fully analyzing the data and public input, which will provide the bases for an updated Township Master Plan and a revised Parks & Recreation Plan. 

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