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Tax Comparison: Washtenaw County

WashCo Tax Rates Comparison

In 2009, Pittsfield Township levied a 5.3554 millage rate. In 2016, Pittsfield (pop: 34,663) levied a millage rate (6.5916) that reflects the increase in the public safety millage, approved by 71% of voters in 2011. It is now comparable to Ann Arbor Township's (pop: 4,361) millage rate of 5.4181 and Superior Township's (pop: 13,058) millage rate of 6.0522. Pittsfield Township's millage rate is less than half that of Ypsilanti Township's (pop: 53,362) 14.2681 millage rate.

The Pittsfield Township Total Tax Rate breaks down in the following way:
•  General Fund: 4.1561 mills
•  Parks: 0.4855 mills
•  Public Safety: 1.9500 mills

 Unit of Government Population Total Tax Rate
(Includes all voter approved millages)
City of Ann Arbor 118,001 17.1436
Ypsilanti Township 53,362 14.9681
 Pittsfield Township 34,663 6.5916
City of Ypsilanti 19,435 35.6012
Superior Township 13,058 6.0522
City of Saline 8,810 16.2800
Northfield Township 8,245 7.8609
Augusta Township 6,745 2.8188
 Dexter Township 6,042 4.9534
City of Chelsea 4,944 14.9555
Ann Arbor Township 4,067  5.4181
City of Dexter 4,067 14.0562
City of Milan 3,770 15.9000
Sylvan Township 2,833 7.1474

  • The City of Ann Arbor & Pittsfield Charter Township are the ONLY full service municipalities in Washtenaw County providing direct Police, Fire, Water, Sewer, Parks, and Recreation Services to the community.
  • City of Ann Arbor's Park millage equivalent is 1.5773. Ypsilanti Township levies 1.0059 for Bike Paths & Recreation.

How are your taxes spent?
(Budgeted Expenditures for 2016)

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Tax Comparison: Washtenaw County's
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