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Testing 9-1-1 in Pittsfield Township
Testing 9-1-1 in Pittsfield Township
Advancing technology beyond traditional landline telephones has made the 9-1-1 system significantly more complex than originally designed. Cellular phones and Internet (VoIP) phones have made locating the origin of the call more difficult. We offer the ability to test devices located in Pittsfield Township to be certain that they work properly and that the call is directed to the right dispatch center. This may also be used for teaching children how to dial 9-1-1. In most cases, the dispatch center can accommodate the test, but if a significant event is happening, the operator may ask that you call back at a later time or date.

To place a test call, you must first call our non-emergency number, provide the operator your name and address, and request permission to make a test or teaching 9-1-1 call. Let them know if you will be testing more than one type of phone (hard wire, wireless or VoIP). You do not need to test every phone, just every type of service (landline, VoIP, cellular). The call should go directly to the Pittsfield Township Dispatch Center.

When testing a cellular device, your call could be routed to another dispatch center if you are near township boundaries. If the phone is answered in any way other than “Pittsfield 9-1-1”, advise the operator you are making a test call for Pittsfield Township. This lets you know that the cellular tower you connected to is outside of Pittsfield Township and for future calls you will want to let the operator know right away that you are in Pittsfield Township so they can transfer your call. If you have wireless devices from more than one service, you may want to test one device from each company since companies have cellular towers in different locations.

Teaching children when and how to dial 9-1-1 is also very important. This testing process can be used to help them practice. Be sure that they know that 9-1-1 is only for emergencies and they should only practice with adult supervision and never “play” with 9-1-1.

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