Sept 2014 Design Workshop

As Pittsfield Township promotes human-scale development that furthers a greater sense of community within its existing developed spaces, we want to outline specific expectations that are consistent with the needs of our community.

In an effort to continually improve on our past work and ensure that our vision reflects the current needs of our community, the Township initiated a design workshop process to delineate, with greater specificity, the vision for two of our mixed used nodes - Ann Arbor-Saline & State-Ellsworth.

The process and outcome from the design workshops, undertaken from September 17-19, 2014, are provided on this page. The community planning process that was initiated and completed highlights the partnership-based planning approach to which Pittsfield Township is committed.

Our appreciation to all those who took the time to participate and ensure that we continually engage in a dialogue that furthers a joint vision for our community.

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