Master Plan

Please view the 2022 Preserving Pittsfield Master Plan update here.

Master Plan Update Public Forum

A Forum was held on December 16, 2021 to provide and update and receive feedback regarding Master Plan. View the presentation by clicking the image below:

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Intent to Plan

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Since 2009, Pittsfield Township has relied on a multitude of public forums, surveys, design charrettes, newsletters, and other public engagement platforms to continually obtain resident and stakeholder input for the purpose of not just articulating a cohesive vision for our community but also for ensuring that our work is reflective of the priorities of our community. To that end, the first in-depth planning process was undertaken from 2009-2011, which culminated in the adoption of the 2010 Pittsfield Master Plan (PMP). This document, for the first time, articulated a vision that included arts, culture and historic preservation; promoting local agriculture; infill development; and multi-modal transportation. The Master Plan made a commitment to shaping coherent and comprehensive development and preservation patterns that provide for practical, productive and sustainable growth and preservation in Pittsfield Township.

Four years later, in 2015, Pittsfield Township undertook a 'report-card' review of the extent to which the goals/objectives of the Master Plan had been reached. This review and Master Plan update process produced the 2020 Sustainable Vision Master Plan that identified sustainability at the primary unit of analysis and called for hard-coding "sustainability into the DNA of [Pittsfield Township's] work processes and products."

As with the 2010 pmP, the 2020 Vision planning process provided for robust public engagement and generated 750 survey responses that provided direction to work within a sustainable framework to: (a) expand amenities and accessibility to park spaces, especially in deficient areas such as the northwest and northeast; (b) expand green and preserved spaces, including providing for small, organic farming; (c) implementing traffic congestion solutions that promote multi-modality and reduction in emissions; and (d) continued expansion of the non-motorized network we began establishing in 2009 such that it provides for seamless access to our park and green spaces.

Four years later, in 2019, Pittsfield Township undertook another Master Plan update that adopted the Preservation Plan as an addendum to the Sustainable Pittsfield Master Plan. This document builds on the work of the previous two planning processes by outlining specific direction for open/green space preservation and expansion. The ultimate goal, as first articulated over a decade ago, remains to provide for practical, productive and sustainable growth and preservation in Pittsfield Township.

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