SAW Grant Project

SAW Presentation
 Click the image above to view the SAW Grant presentation from the February 27, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting. 

Pittsfield Township's Utilities Department has been awarded a Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) Grant in the amount of $1,263,416.00. The purpose of this grant is to collect the necessary information from our existing infrastructure and sanitary sewers, perform a condition assessment, create a formal asset management plan and program for continuous monitoring, and create a Capital Improvement Program for maintenance and replacement.

The scope of work will be completed through utilizing a closed caption television camera (CCTV) which will travel through approximately 70 miles of sewer pipe through the township. This work does not require any open cut/excavation of sewers. All sewers are accessed through existing manholes. You will, however, see equipment such as the camera truck and/or vactor, pictured below, set up on our local streets.

Utilities Truck

Have any questions related to this project? Contact Utilities and Municipal Services at 734.822.3130.