At our first Sustainability Conference (April 2016), we asked conference attendees to pose challenges for Pittsfield Township within each topical area. The idea is to keep us moving forward thoughtfully, deliberatively, and in a coordinated manner, toward our sustainability goals.

Here is the list of challenges posed to us for 2016-2017:
  • Incentivize use of public transit
  • Coordinate better between land use and transportation planning 
  • Regional land use planning 
  • Continued focus on non-motorized amenities

land use
  • Improve/expand Farmers Market
  • Set goal for % of new development that is mixed-use
  • Park on west side of township
  • Expand non-motorized to link better with regional trails/networks
  • Regional stormwater management
  • Promote local food access/local organic farming (CGAP)

  • Promote native landscaping and regional detention solutions
  • Public engagement on promoting environmentally friendly grounds maintenance practices
  • Regional planning
  • Community gardens 
  • ADA accessibility 
  • Affect a culture change on what a lawn could/should be
economic development 
  • Define dollars needed to maintain existing infrastructure and new infrastructure
  • Fund future infrastructure legacy 
  • Create funding models that pay today what’s used today 
  • Promote environmentally friendly and sustainable businesses

  • Net present costs incorporated into long term Capital Improvement Plan
  • Create long-range infrastructure business plan with revenue aspect 
  • Create “payment in lieu” for stormwater management  
  • Set up a replacement fund for infrastructure maintenance 
  • New developments/infrastructure should be done in a way that provides & maintains water quality 
  • Explore use of renewable energy in public facilities/incentivize use of renewable energy for businesses

  • Commercial and multi-unit recycling needs to occur 
  • Increase outreach to young citizens through the schools 
  • Establish formal contact for all neighborhoods/areas in Township for two-way communication 
  • Establish various ways for two-way communication (in-person, email, meetings, social media, etc.)