MSI Sculpture Exhibition

Since its inception in 2009, Pittsfield Township's Arts & Culture Excellence in Pittsfield (ACEIP) Committee has worked with local artists, regional partners, and residents to establish a public art initiative.
As a next step to provide public art in the community, Pittsfield Township has partnered with the Midwest Sculpture Initiative (MSI) to install temporary public art in eight locations in Pittsfield Township. This partnership creates a stronger cultural presence in the Township through the creation of physical spaces that include art and incorporating art into the hardscape.
Midwest Sculpture Initiative (MSI), founded in 2004 in Blissfield, Michigan, aims to provide outdoor sculpture exhibitions throughout the Midwest, promote cooperation among art and civic organizations, advance the role that the visual arts play in the quality of life, and increase economic development. MSI partners with communities to curate and install temporary sculpture exhibitions.
Pittsfield Charter Township has selected eight locations to install temporary public art that will be exhibited between October 1, 2018 and September 15, 2019.
Sculpture Map

List of Artwork

Beau Bilenki (South Bend, IN) Cement and steel with plate mirror
7' x 32" x 32"
Retail price: $5,000
Location: Woolley Park
Maureen Gray (Interlochen, MI)
Powder coated steel
4' x 8' x 2'
Retail price: $3,600
Location: Lillie Park South
The Joneses
Todd Kime (Ottawa Hills, OH) Steel & glass
2' x 4'6" x 7'
Retail price: $6,000
Location: Township Administration Building
The Joneses
Alex Mendez (Decatur, IN) Stainless steel and mild steel patina
1'8" x 1'8" x 9'6"
Retail price: $12,000
Location: Ann Arbor-Saline/Lohr
James Oleson (St. Petersburg, FL) Steel
6' x 5' x 3'
Retail price: $19,000
Location: Marsh View Meadows
 Lollypop Tree
Vane Vusse (Manistee, MI) Painted steel
7.5' x 5.5' x 6'
Retail price: $6,500
Location: Waters / Oak Valley Park
Lollypop Tree

Brian Ferriby (Huntington Woods, MI) Painted Steel
7x5' x 3' x 2'
Retail price: $3,500
Location: Glencoe Hills
D.W. Martin (Edinboro, PA)
Location: Fire Station #3