Carbon Footprint Study

Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees undertook its first Carbon Footprint Study in April 2020 that calculated the impact of two development options for the State Street Crossing development through carbon sequestration of trees, open space preservation, and degree of reliance on automobiles. The first choice was to retain the entirety of an existing conservation easement that runs through the middle of properties zoned for development; and the other was to retain the majority of the existing conservation easement plus expand it by 125% onto an adjacent, larger location in order to accommodate for multi-modal features. The carbon footprint study concluded that the latter option, even after calculating for the loss of a few trees would, in the long-term, provide for not only better air and soil quality but also equity since it provides for amenities such as a health care facility close to residential areas which will be accessible by walking, biking, and transit from neighborhoods and also from the existing adjacent retail areas.