Public Safety Watch Programs

Crime/Fire Prevention Programs

Crime and home fires are two of the most destructive problems in society today. Victimization studies have shown fear of crime among citizens to be extremely high. Crime and fire affects everyone and is a community problem. Pittsfield's Department of Public Safety's goal is to 'break' the crime triangle. It is everyone's responsibility to assist the public safety department in crime and fire prevention. Pittsfield Township's residents participate in the enhanced '911' telephone system. This system provides the emergency personnel with information about identifying where the call was originated. This decreases our response time, as well as provides the dispatcher with your telephone number, who and where you are. We will assist you in all aspects of handling the emergency.

  • For emergencies please call 911 immediately.
  • For general information during open lobby hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, call the front desk at 734.822.4911.
  • To request police response (emergency or non-emergency) call Metro Dispatch at 734.994.2911.
  • Call our confidential tip line at 734.822.4958 (Detective Bureau)

What is the 'Crime Prevention Triangle'?

1. Desire: This is the willingness on the part of an individual to commit a crime. Unfortunately, we have little control over one's desire. Not everyone who commits a crime is naturally criminally-prone. Many crimes are committed in the spur of the moment because of the second element 'opportunity'.

2. Opportunity: This element gives the citizen a chance to deny any and all potential opportunities by learning basic crime/fire prevention and always being alert and aware of one's surroundings. The criminal often selects his victim based on the potential opportunity.

3. Victim(s): Persons and property are the victims of crime. Pittsfield Charter Township is continually striving to provide the services required in our growing community. The crime/fire prevention efforts are also growing to accommodate the needs of the community by consistent practices and follow-up, as needed, to verify the commitment to the residents to provide police and fire services.

Neighborhood Watch:

Neighborhood Watch is a program that establishes a formal network or communication between neighborhoods and police regarding crime-related problems. Simply translated, Neighborhood Watch asks you, the neighbor, to be your brother's keeper and act as the eyes and ears for your neighborhoods and the police/fire department by reporting suspicious activity.

Apartment/Condominium Watch:

Apartment/Condominium Watch is a program that is designed to establish a formal communication network for the reporting of crime/fire activity in the apartment/condominium setting. This is achieved by the cooperation of management, residents, security companies, and Pittsfield Department of Public Safety.

Business Watch:

The goal of the Business Watch Program will be to establish a formal link between Pittsfield's Department of Public Safety and the businesses to combat crimes/fires, and robberies. This program, as the others, will also involve communications between other businesses within a 'one-mile' radius as well as information regarding crime trends occurring in 'like-businesses'.

The role of the Public Safety Watch Participants:

Pittsfield Department of Public Safety appreciates the efforts of the residents and businesses who (are/will be) participating in our crime/fire prevention efforts. It is emphasized that participants in the programs strictly limit their participation to observation and reporting of criminal activity.

For information and presentation on Pittsfield Department of Public Safety Programs, contact the Crime/Fire prevention Unit at 734.822.4959 or by email. The general number for the Department of Public Safety is 734.822.4911.

The Pittsfield Charter Township Police and Fire Department and its governing bodies goal is to help serve Pittsfield Township residents/businesses to combat crime and fire through these programs.