Pittsfield Township Emergency Warning Sirens

Pittsfield Township currently has ten (10) emergency warning sirens located in the township. Based on weather conditions, siren activations are used to alert residents who are outside to seek shelter inside and move to a secure location. If a national disaster occurs in our area Washtenaw County Emergency Management and the American Red Cross will designate locations of additional shelters.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for alerts through "Notify Me" on the township website.

Also, the Pittsfield Township Administration Building at 6201 West Michigan Avenue is a designated warming shelter.

Emergency Warning Sirens: The Washtenaw County Emergency Management office coordinates emergency warning siren tests the 1st Saturday of the month from March through October for all weather related incidents.

Prison Escape notification: A siren has been placed on the grounds of the Huron Valley Correctional Facility and will be used for prison escapes, emergency weather, and hazardous incidents.

For residents in the area of the prison accustomed to hearing sirens used for escapes and walk a-ways, there will be two tones used for alerting the community: (1) Prison escapes (2) Weather.

The tones will be as follows:

Prison escape/walk away- Air raid tone (no change).

Prison siren will be tested in October every year.

Weather- Rise and fall alert tone

Weather sirens are tested on the 1st Saturday of the month at 12 noon, March through October.