Project Pace

The applicant is seeking approval to develop the site at 4700 Carpenter Road to construct a single-story 142,831 square foot structure with associated parking and loading areas, detention areas, and pedestrian connections. The development is accessed off two points on Carpenter Road and one access from Morgan Road. The site is encumbered with eleven regulated wetlands and numerous regulated trees. The development includes impact upon several of the regulated wetlands and the removal of a significant number of trees. The subject site is zoned I, General Industrial, and material distribution facilities are listed as a permitted use. The 142,831 square foot structure is proposed in the northwest portion of the site. The associates parking area is provided east of the building, with an entry at Carpenter Road across from Cloverlane Drive. Loading areas are provided along the west building elevation with van staging/loading along the south elevation. Van parking areas are all located south of the structure, with access provided from Morgan Road and the southern Carpenter Road driveway.