Wheeler Center Solar Farm PUD

With equity and sustainability as the central focus of all the work we undertake on your behalf at Pittsfield Township, investment in renewable energy has been a long-standing goal for this administration. While we have worked toward it and achieved some success over the years, including installation of EV charging stations and solar-powered signals, we have not – until now – been able to showcase a large renewable energy project in our community. 

It is with much excitement that we announce the fruition of a project, after many years of effort and multi-jurisdictional partnership, which will generate 20MW of solar power. This solar farm, to be located at the City of Ann Arbor’s Wheeler Center within Pittsfield Township is expected, if all goes according to schedule, to begin operations in 2023! The project is on a planned unit development of Pittsfield Township. As such, the Township was able to negotiate receipt of 100% of its municipal energy needs from the solar farm while having to make $0 investment into the project cost. 

Furthermore, the project adheres to furthering Pittsfield Township’s commitment to sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint and equity by making renewable energy readily available to area residents.