EcoChallenge Poster

Adopt Small Habits. Create Big Change.

EcoChallenge is a digital platform that presents participants with new lifestyle challenges. These challenges are designed to increase the participant's awareness of their environmental impact and introduce new eco-friendly habits. Throughout the challenge, participants can track their engagement with actions of their choice. At the end of April, participants will receive data detailing their engagement with actions of their choice and receive data detailing their environmental impacts. Participation is what you make it. Participants can choose from one-time or daily actions with varying degrees of difficulty. Take the challenge to adopt small habits that create big change.

Throughout the year, EcoChallenge will host three specialized challenges and one continual challenge. 

Specialized Challenges

  • April - Earth Month EcoChallenge
  • July - Plastic-Free EcoChallenge
  • October - The People's EcoChallenge. 

Continual Challenge

  • 2022- The Drawdown Challenge

The specialized challenges address specific climate goals. The challenges spans over a month-long period and participants are encouraged to adopt new habits pertaining to the specific climate goal. The continual challenge extends through 2022 and allows for participants to chose from a broader range of actions to adopt over time.