Professional Development

Pittsfield Township values having a competent, highly skilled workforce and recognizes the benefit of professional development and career planning for our employees. We utilize a variety of professional development tools to help you be successful in your job, continually improve your skills, and advance your career at the Township.

Classroom & Online Training

We recognize that the skills and knowledge of our employees are critical to the success of Pittsfield Township. From time to time, Pittsfield Township offers both in-house and external training programs to enable you to progress in your knowledge of the Township and the skills required to fulfill your position. Employees may periodically be requested to attend training classes, seminars, workshops, or participate in on-line learning opportunities.

Tuition Reimbursement Program*

We're committed to the career growth of our employees. That's why we offer an Educational Assistance Program (tuition reimbursement) that encourages our employees to maintain and improve their job-related skills through formal education.

* Eligibility and coverage may vary in accordance with individual labor agreements & job classifications.

Professional Associations & Conferences

We encourage involvement in relevant Professional Associations related to your occupation. Additionally, specialized trainings or conferences sponsored by a professional association, educational institution, or training institution covering subjects related to your occupation are occasionally covered by the Township.