Public Safety Facility Improvements

In July 2023, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) presented the need to address the long-standing public safety space and safety concerns with the fire and police areas of the current DPS Station 1 and Police headquarters. At that meeting, the Board of Trustees unanimously expressed support for expending $5,000,000 to make facility improvements that included designing and constructing a new Fire Department Station 1 and renovations of the current Station 1, which would become a separate Police Department headquarters building. $3,000,000 from General Fund Reserve balance and $2,000,000 from Public Safety Fund Reserve balance will make up the $5,000,000 expenditure.

DPS Station Facility Presentation

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Proposed Fire Station Concept

Fire Station 1 updated

Proposed Site Plans

Birds-eye-view fire station 1 site plans
Fire Station 1 site plans 2023