Waste Management

Important Holiday Collection Service Information:

Republic Services would like to remind you that collection service will be delayed by one day following the Memorial Day Holiday. 

  • Collection services provided by Republic Services will be delayed by one day during the week of May 30, 2022 as we recognize Memorial Day on Monday May 30, 2022.  Collections that normally occur on Monday will be serviced on Tuesday and will follow suit throughout the week.  Friday collections will be serviced on Saturday. 
  • We ask that residents please ensure that your materials are placed out for collection either the night before or by 6 am (depending on local ordinances) to ensure that all items are collected. 
  • In addition, we are also reminding residents to please make sure you bag all trash before placing it into trash carts or containers.  This action will reduce any residual debris from blowing out of the truck during the collection process.  This request should not be done for recycling collection service.


Pittsfield Charter Township currently contracts with a third-party waste handler, Republic Services, to handle residential rubbish and recycling pickup. The contract includes pickup of unlimited rubbish, including bulk pickup, single stream recycling, and yard waste.  This year's yard waste pick-up will begin on April 4th and will end on December 9th.    The rate is $63.00 per quarter, billed through Pittsfield Township.

Obtaining rubbish service through the township is voluntary; residents have the ability to obtain their own rubbish service through another provider or seek alternative rubbish disposal methods.

How to Start Rubbish Service as a Homeowner

In order to establish rubbish service, homeowners must complete an Application for Rubbish Service. To determine the day of the week for your pickup, please review the pickup map.

Please review the following documents for further information about rubbish, recycling, and yard waste pickup: 

Residential Rubbish Service Information

Acceptable Material Guidelines for Recycling

Additional Reference Guide

How to Start Rubbish Service as a Renter

In order to establish rubbish service, renters must come into the township administrative offices and pay a $65 deposit. The deposit will be applied to the tenant's final bill and any remaining funds will be refunded if there is a forwarding address available.

Put Your Rubbish on Vacation Hold

If you are going to be out-of-town for at least four continuous weeks, you are able to put your rubbish on vacation hold. You will continue to be billed while you are out of town, but when you return, the number of weeks you were on vacation will be calculated and a credit will be issued to your account. To put your rubbish on vacation hold, either use the Rubbish Vacation Request, contact us via email, or call 734.822.3105.

Get Your Rubbish or Recycle Cart Repaired/Replaced

If your rubbish or recycle cart is damaged, please contact us via email or call 734.822.3105. Provide your name, address, and phone number in order to schedule a repair or replacement of the cart.

How to Discontinue Rubbish Service

In order to discontinue rubbish service, both homeowners and tenants may contact us via email or call 734.822.3105 and provide us with the last day that you want to receive rubbish service. Rubbish and recycle carts must be left at the home for the next residents.