Economic Development

Subcommittee Charter

This subcommittee should explore the vision for the future of Pittsfield's economy and identify the existing characteristics of the township which support economic development that can be enhanced and promoted within the community such as infrastructure, workforce, and quality of life. It should also identify characteristics that must be developed in order to attract and retain businesses and the high quality workforce necessary to support them. It will be important to recognize a balance between nurturing the township's various business communities including high-tech, research-oriented, agricultural-based, and small businesses, while also encouraging the creation and expansion of "green" businesses.

Subcommittee Members

  • Amy Longcore, Chairperson, Planning Commission Secretary
  • Todd Campbell, City of Saline
  • Michelle Crumm, ESS Committee Member
  • Jim Doyle, Pittsfield Township Business Owner
  • Ron Goldstone
  • M. Yameen Jaffer, ESS Committee Member
  • Kyle Mazurek, Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce
  • Chris Mile, Pittsfield Township Business Owner
  • Trish Reilly, Ypsilanti Chamber of Commerce, Pittsfield Township Resident
  • Chris Turner, SPARK