Subcommittee Charter

The subcommittee should focus on housing opportunities that reflect the needs of all members of the community. It will be important to consider the needs of different demographic groups, future growth projections, and issues of affordability. There must be a focus on densities, existing and proposed land use patterns, proximity to amenities such as jobs, schools, services, and open space, as well as the availability of different transportation options. Consideration should also be given to alternative energy technologies and sustainable development practices for existing and future housing developments.

Subcommittee Members

  • Debbie Williams, Chairperson, Planning Commission Member
  • Dale lnman, Washtenaw County Home Builders Association
  • Jennifer Hall, Urban County Task Force Member
  • Maureen Sloan, Washtenaw County Home Builders Association
  • Michael Yi, Pittsfield Township Trustee, Planning Commission Member