The Pittsfield Philosophy

A Vibrant Community

Pittsfield Charter Township is a vibrant community with a wide spectrum of land uses including commercial corridors, business parks, agricultural lands, park land, open spaces, and many strong residential neighborhoods boasting a variety of housing options. The true hallmark of the township, however, is the diversity and talent of its residents.

Unique Situation

Pittsfield is bordered by the three communities of Ann Arbor, Saline, and Ypsilanti. Pittsfield is uniquely poised to take advantage of the density supported by its proximity to these communities while simultaneously providing for existing larger-scale agricultural, residential, commercial, and business developments. Considering the existing mix of urban, suburban, and rural influences, along with the various mixture of land uses and its demographic diversity, Pittsfield is poised to take a leadership role in establishing a new standard for mainstreaming non-motorized transportation, dense mixed-use, and infill development within a non-urban township context.

Defining a Vision for the Community

With growth pressures expected to continue in Pittsfield, the township is seeking to define a vision for the community that sustains a diversity of land uses and its population. Pittsfield seeks to create a new Master Plan that strikes a balance between strengthening the established base of the community while re-imagining a future that will place our community as a leader of economic and environmental prosperity in the coming decades. We hope that all members of our community will get involved with this exciting process!

The Pittsfield Approach

The Pittsfield Approach involves using a combination of the following in order to gather information about expectations for the future of Pittsfield Township: