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Posted on: April 15, 2020

Watch SEMCOG's Video on Keeping Wastewater Flowing Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

One Water partnership reminds Southeast Michigan residents 
to properly use sewer and septic systems

SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, has teamed with the Alliance of Rouge Communities, the Freshwater Forum at the Cranbrook Institute of Science and the Great Lakes Water Authority to provide a One Water message. Misuse of wastewater systems associated with COVID-19 has caused issues in Southeast Michigan and across the country.

"Flushable wipes," household disinfecting wipes, latex gloves, and other products all create blockages in household pipes and municipal sewer systems and should never be flushed down the toilet. Only toilet paper and human waste should be flushed.

These simple steps are explained in SEMCOG's video, viewable here.

The One Water partnership offers these reminders to prevent backups and promote stewardship of our water resources systems: 
  • Fats, oils, and greases used when cooking can make food tasty, but they gum up our wastewater systems.
  • Pour fats, oils, and greases (FOG) into covered containers and cans, and dispose of them in the trash when full. Wipe down pots and pans with a paper towel to remove any remaining FOG. Scrape food and scraps into the trash when possible.
  • Avoid flushing medications down the toilet or drain when another safe option is available.
  • Dispose of feminine products, tissues, paper towels, “flushable” wipes, and other trash in the garbage.
  • Only flush the Three Ps down the toilet: pee, poop, and paper.
This message is provided by the One Water partnership for Southeast Michigan, comprised of SEMCOG, the Alliance of Rouge Communities, the Freshwater Forum at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, the Great Lakes Water Authority, local governments, and water service providers, and local governments and stakeholders throughout Southeast Michigan. 
Watch SEMCOG's Video here...
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