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Pittsfield Township takes Renewable Energy into its Own Hands

Beginning in April 2020, we would like to roll out the MIGreenPower challenge designed to place Pittsfield Township as the first community in Washtenaw County to acquire the majority of its energy from renewable sources. The MIGreenPower program, offered by DTE Energy, “empowers you to attribute a greater percentage of your energy use to DTE Energy’s newest wind and solar projects.” In other words, residential and business customers can choose to sign up to receive their energy from a renewable source rather than from fossil fuels.

DTE Energy is partnering with Pittsfield Township to promote the MIGreenPower program and will inform us if and when our community switches to obtaining the majority of its energy from renewables. At Pittsfield moves forward on its partnership with the City of Ann Arbor to install a solar farm at Swift Run (Ellsworth/Stone School), which will allow the Township rely on solar power to meet all municipal energy needs, we thought it appropriate to engage with you on this issue as well. We hope you will take the time to learn about and sign up for the MIGreenPower program.

Get more information about the program and sign up for it!
Residential Customers

Commercial Customers
 MIGreen Power

Thank you for partnering with Pittsfield Township as we continually find ways to improve the water, air, and soil quality of our community!

Sustainability, in the Sustainable Pittsfield Master Plan, is defined as 1) supporting the expansion and preservation of green space, 2) expanding multi-modal transportation network that reduces emissions and promotes public gathering spaces, and 3) maximizing dense, infill development and minimizing gray infrastructure or impermeable surfaces.

The Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees strives to meet these goals of sustainability in a fiscally responsible manner while improving working and living environments to build a thriving, equitable community that concurrently considers economic, environmental, and social impacts.

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