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Gateway Signage
With the adoption of the 2010 Pittsfield Master Plan, Pittsfield Township became the first Washtenaw County jurisdiction to adopt an Arts & Culture Plan that articulated a vision and priorities for arts and culture in our community. Since then, Pittsfield Township has established two historic districts, a farmers market, public art sculpture, historic markers and transformed Township Hall’s lobby for public art display/engagement, and made strides in providing for public spaces/events that promote arts and culture (e.g., Harvest Festival and P2P).

As a next step toward implementing the renewed Arts & Culture vision articulated in the 2020 Sustainable Vision Master Plan, we have begun installation of gateway signage in our community.

On December 14, 2016, the Township Board of Trustees approved, at the recommendation of ACEIP, the design, purchase, and of the first ever gateway sign to be installed on the southwest corner of State Street and Ellsworth Road (at the Pittsfield Township Community Center). The design draft shown below maintains our commitment to deploy the mosaic medium to reflect and celebrate our community’s diversity.

gateways sign

Progress Photos

Pittsfield Charter Township's FIRST Gateway Sign

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