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Platt Road Greenway
Platt Road Greenway pathDrawingPhase One
Phase One of the Platt Road Greenway consists of a 10-foot wide paved multimodal pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. Phase One extends from Ellsworth Road to Textile Road on the east side of Platt Road.

It connects multiple existing and planned residential developments with recreational and open spaces in and around Lillie Park at the corner of Platt and Ellsworth. On the north end, Phase One connects with the City of Ann Arbor’s network of sidewalks and bicycle lanes with destinations along the route, such as the County Farms Park on Washtenaw Avenue and Gallup Park along the Huron River.

Future phases of the Platt Road Greenway envision extending the pathway further south and connecting it to Rolling Hills Park.

Map of the greenway

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