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Grant Funding
For the first time in Pittsfield Township's history and setting a high bar for itself and others, between 2009 and 2019, Pittsfield Township received an unprecedented $17 million in grant funds. Adopting an aggressive approach to applying for grant funds was part of our strategy, beginning in 2009. Facing the deep recession, cuts in revenue sharing from the state, severe decline in funds available for road maintenance, a deficit in the building fund, we had two choices: (1) Cut services; or (2) Find additional revenue sources.

Our team came together and we have, since 2009, consistently applied for a record number of grants and have been successful in receiving many of them. The roughly $17 million we have received in county/state/federal grant funds have gone toward paying for a multitude of projects, spread throughout the township, such as sidewalk gap-filling, tennis court renovations, improvements to our senior center, 10’ pathways that connect to recreational/green spaces, preventative maintenance of our sewage and water infrastructure, installation of Pittsfield's first public art sculpture, rain garden, gateway signage, fostering native habitat, expansion of access to local food, and energy efficient retrofits within township facilities.

Moving forward, our goal is to receive larger federal and state grants for agricultural and green space preservation, organic farming, park space acquisition and development, traffic congestion mitigation and retrofitting our transportation network to provide for even more non-motorized amenities. If you have any suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to contact us at: 734.822.3135 or .

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Mandy Grewal


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