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The Garden Requirements
Submit Interest Form
  • Submit an interest form and complete an application form and pay within seven days of plot assignment.
  • Use only organic gardening methods. Use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides and chemical fertilizers is prohibited.
  • Actively work plots or make arrangements with the community garden coordinator () / 734-822-3135 by June 1, or agree to have the plot reassigned to another gardener. Plots overgrown with weeds taller than 18" any time will be considered abandoned and reassigned to another gardener.
  • No marijuana, cannabis or other prohibited or illegal plants including trees or bushes; perennials; blueberries and raspberries and other invasive plant species as outlined by the Michigan State University MSU Extension guidelines for understanding invasive plant species and the State of Michigan's Invasive Species Plant List.
  • Use of cedar and natural mulch and compost is encouraged. Use of wood chips, carpet mulch, stone mulch, or plastic sheeting is not allowed within garden plots.
  • Remove and properly dispose of all dead plants and non-plant materials at the end of the season (November 1), including string, wire, wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Gardeners may park only in the designated locations on the east side of the Community Garden. Parking on the west side behind the Department of Public Safety and use of the driveway between the Administration Building and Department of Public Safety is prohibited.
  • Always be present when watering. No unattended watering in the garden.
  • No pets are allowed inside or around the garden area.
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