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Collective Bargaining Agreements
Pittsfield Township continually strives to build a strong partnership with our labor partners and utilizes Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) for our labor negotiations. Find out more about our Labor/Management Relationship Philosophy.

We have the following five labor organizations:
  • The Technical, Professional and Office Workers Association of Michigan (TPOAM) represents Pittsfield Township office administrative staff, maintenance and utility workers
  • The International Association of Fire Fighters represents Pittsfield Township Firefighters, Fire Marshal, Lieutenants, and Captains
  • The Police Officers Association of Michigan represents Pittsfield Township Police Officers
  • The Police Officers Labor Council represents Pittsfield Township police command officers (Sergeants and Lieutenants)

Contact Us
Director of Human Resources
Patricia Denig

6201 W. Michigan Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Ph: 734.822.3137
Fax: 734.822.6916

Monday - Friday
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