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Basic Permit Submittal Information
Basic Permit Submittal Information
  • Completed Building Permit Application with Cost of Construction provided.
  • Two sets of construction documents that demonstrate compliance with the minimum standards of the State Construction Codes.
  • Plan submittal requirements are two sets of plans, with one set being no larger than 11" by 17". Two copies of all other associated documents such as Michigan Energy Code, truss plan and floor system submittal information.
  • Where required by the Occupational Code (Act 299) plans shall be prepared by a Michigan registered architect or engineer and be signed and sealed.
  • Plot plan/Site Plan meeting the requirements of our Residential Plot Plan Checklist.
  • Commercial remodel or alteration requires a completed Zoning Compliance Application.
  • No payment is required at time of submittal.

Related Requirements and Approvals
  • Residential Builders and trade contractors must be registered with the township.
  • Qualified homeowners applying for a permit need to complete the Homeowner’s Affidavit.
  • Sewer and water improvement fees must be paid prior to the permit issuance.
  • In areas not served by public sewer and water, a copy of the well and septic permits issued by Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department must be submitted along with the building permit application. Additions, remodeling, and construction of accessory structures may also require their approval or a waiver. 
  • All new driveway construction, including subdivisions, require a driveway permit from either the Washtenaw County Road Commission or MDOT giving permission to do work within the road Right-of-Way or for access to the public roadway. A copy of the permit must be submitted with the building permit application.
  • Commercial projects require Pittsfield Township Planning and Engineering approvals.
  • Soil Erosion Permit from the Pittsfield Township Utilities & Municipal Services Department.
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and/or Plumbing permits must pulled by a licensed contractor in the State of Michigan or a qualified homeowner.
  • Projects that involve any commercial food preparation will require a Washtenaw County Environmental Health Department permit or waiver.
  • Commercial swimming pools require approval from the MDEQ.
  • Payment of all required fees is necessary prior to picking up a permit.

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